Immigration and Refugee Appeal Division

In appeals to the Immigration  and refugee Appeal Division, we represent clients. General appeals on matters like rejected sponsorship application, removal orders, and residency requirements are heard by the Immigration Appeal Division. Depending on the type of decision being challenged, there are different procedures for appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division.

Appeals of overseas decisions on loss of permanent resident status

To maintain their status, permanent residents must spend at least 730 days in Canada over a five-year period. If it is determined that the person has not met these requirements, the request for continued permanent residence may be denied and/or a departure order issued. If the decision is made in Canada, the permanent resident will have 30 days from the date of the departure order to file an appeal. If the decision was made by an overseas Canadian visa office, the permanent resident has 60 days from the date of the decision to file an appeal (to issue a travel document).

Refugee Appeal Division

If your refugee application has been denied we can assist you by filing a refugee appeal and dispute the decision in the refugee appeal division. We will ssist you at every step of the process, including representation in refugee appeal court. HICC takes pride in its vast number of accepted cases as an expert immigration agency.

Refusal of a sponsorship application for members of the family class

The permanent resident or Canadian citizen who submitted the application to sponsor in support of the foreign national’s application for permanent residence could submit an appeal Within 30 days of receiving the letter of rejection.

Removal orders made against permanent residents at an examination or admissibility hearing

Permanent residents and holders of permanent resident visas who have been issued a removal order may appeal the order to the Immigration Appeal Division. In addition, removal order appeals may be filed by Convention Refugees or Protected Persons. The removal order must be received 30 days prior to filing an appeal. The record must then be made available by the Minister or the Immigration Division within 45 days of an Immigration Appeal Division request for it.

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